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Houseparents are special people who make an impact in children and teens’ lives as live-in care providers at a residential school or group home facility.

Many houseparent jobs require that houseparents work as a team—that is, a married couple–responsible for creating a safe and stable home environment for children who typically come from difficult backgrounds.

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Houseparents handle many of the daily tasks you might take care of in your own home, from meal prep and laundry, to transportation and housework to homework. They also provide social and emotional support, teaching core values and life skills.

Ask any houseparent and they will tell you that it’s a calling first and a career second. While houseparents do not replace a child’s biological parent, nor are they a foster or potential adoptive parent, they are often the first or only example of stability and security for the children in their care.

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Becoming a houseparent is about more than a career. This is a unique lifestyle where no two experiences are the same. Our blog features perspectives collected from houseparents and residential care experts from around the country.

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