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Houseparent Jobs | Residential Childcare Careers

Share Your Career Opportunities with Houseparent Candidates

two families smilingyellow circle is more than just a job board. For over twenty years, we have connected couples and individuals who are interested in transforming the lives of young people with careers in residential care.

We are on a mission to elevate the field of residential care and are proud to offer multiple ways for you to find qualified talent for your roles.

Each of the employers we work with offer unique career opportunities based on their locations, values, founding principles and more, but what they do have in common is a mission-based approach to caring for children and young adults from difficult backgrounds and those facing challenges through no fault of their own.

Houseparent Jobs | Residential Childcare Careers

Job Posting Plans

We offer two standard job posting plans: A 60-day option (2 months) and a 180-day option (6 months). This allows us to serve smaller employers that have one-off hiring needs and larger organizations with ongoing hiring requirements for multiple houseparent couples.

60-Day posting
Best fit for employers with temporary hiring needs who will close the position once filled.
  • Cost per month: $150
  • Active for 60 days (2 months) once published
  • Ability to change job description as needed
  • Coming soon: Job emailed to job seekers
180-day posting
Best fit for employer with ongoing hiring needs for multiple houseparent couples.
  • Cost per month: Less than $135
  • Active for 180 days (6 months) once published
  • Ability to change job description as needed
  • Coming soon: Job emailed to job seekers

As of January 2024, we are making a change to our Job Board platform. After this switch is complete, the job board will be self-service. For now, please complete the below application and a member of our team will be in touch after we review.

EMPLOYER Application

Returning Employers can edit, pause, or cancel their listing at any time.


Featured Employer Membership

$100 per month

Do you want to tell a more complete story about your organization and the service it provides to children, youth, or adults in difficult circumstances? We understand! wants to help tell your story so that job seekers looking to become houseparents can research and find employers that align with their personal value system and career goals before applying to jobs.

With this upgrade, you will receive a full multi-media profile on our "Featured Employers" page, along with multiple opportunities for outreach to our audience of job seekers. Our team will work with you to collect information, images, and videos to act as an extension of your employer brand.

In addition, your organization and job opportunity will be featured in a blog post on in the first month of your membership and included in additional blog posts every other month. Your organization will be featured regularly on social media channels and you will receive early access to new advertising opportunities.

Featured employers will also receive exclusive discount codes for individual job listings and will receive early access to new advertising opportunities.

Please email our team to set up your Featured Employer membership today!

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