What is Residential Child Care?

If you've made your way to houseparent.com, chances are, you're familiar with what residential child care is, and what it is not. But in case you're new here and starting from scratch, the term "residential child care" refers to the provision of care and support to children who are unable to live with their families for any number of reasons. This type of care involves providing a safe and stable living environment for children in a group setting, such as a residential home, a group home, or a children's home.

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In residential child care, children, often living with other children in similar situations, are cared for by trained professionals who provide them with support, guidance, and supervision. The staff in residential child care settings may include social workers, counselors, teachers, and other professionals who work together to meet the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of the children. Of course, houseparents are often a critical element of a residential child care setting, teaching family values and other intangible life skills.

The goals of residential child care include providing children with a safe and stable living environment, supporting their emotional and social development, and preparing them for successful transition to adulthood. This type of care may be provided on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the needs of the child and their family.

Residential child care is often used when other types of care and support have been unsuccessful, or when a child's safety is at risk, but that is not always the case. It is important that residential child care is provided in a way that is sensitive to the individual needs of each child, and that takes into account their unique experiences and background.

Houseparent.com is a tool for those interested in pursing this unique career, as well as a resource for the organizations and facilities that exist to improve the lives of children in residential care. If you are ready to start your job search, we have over 100 positions in residential settings across the country! Find your next role today!

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Houseparent.com is a career resource and job board for people interested in pursuing a career in residential childcare. Our mission is to connect dedicated married couples and individuals with employers hiring houseparents, cottage parents, teaching couples and other live-in caregiving roles. Our goal is to share tools, resources and career opportunities so that you can make an impact in the lives of children who need it most.

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