Introducing the Coalition for Residential Excellence

(Main image from Boys & Girls Country in Hockley, TX. Boys & Girls Country is a member of CORE and is actively hiring houseparents.)

The Coalition of Residential Excellence (CORE) is a professional membership organization dedicated to promoting professionalism and best practice in the delivery of services to children and families from hard places. The organization provides legislative advocacy, public awareness and the representation of a united voice concerning the strengths and challenges associated with provision of residential family-like services in a continuum of care environment.

Organizations that have been accepted into the membership ofCORE have gone through an extensive review of their agency philosophies, including but not limited to their admissions, behavioral, and children’s rights policies. Membership in CORE is contingent on either licensure by a state regulatory authority and/or accreditation by an external accrediting body promoting best standards. 

The following strengths are characteristic of member agencies of the Coalition of Residential Excellence.  

Education Focused

A quality education coupled with relationships with caring adults who nurture the children and youth physically, academically, emotionally, and spiritually is one of the cornerstones of CORE agencies.


Residents are provided many opportunities to identify and strengthen their skills, abilities and interests through participation in the arts, music, sports, recreational activities and programs to promote character and social skills development.


Family members are encouraged to be active participants in the care of their child and to maintain regular contact with their child through weekend and summer visits, and attendance at school and extracurricular events. Keeping siblings together and maintaining family connections that are safe and appropriate is a priority.

Family-Like Setting

Most children reside in single-family homes with two homeparents in a residential community designed specifically for children.


CORE agencies invest in the futures of children who would otherwise be homeless, out of school, living in dangerous neighborhoods or subjected to multiple failed placements with relatives or other substitute care providers.

Lifetime Connections 

Children from CORE agencies maintain strong and lasting connections to home parents, teachers, administrators and other youth, and they have a place to come home to for the rest of their lives.


Residents are cared for by skilled professional parents and staff trained in working with children and youth impacted by traumatic life circumstances.

As an independent job board, is not affiliated with CORE, but the two entities share similar missions to elevate the realm of services to children and families facing poverty, abuse, and other challenging factors.  

To learn more about Coalition for Residential Excellence, please visit their website.

About the Author is a career resource and job board for people interested in pursuing a career in residential childcare. Our mission is to connect dedicated married couples and individuals with employers hiring houseparents, cottage parents, teaching couples and other live-in caregiving roles. Our goal is to share tools, resources and career opportunities so that you can make an impact in the lives of children who need it most.

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