Alpine Academy

Professional Parent

Tooele, UT
[Being] employed at Alpine Academy--with teachers, therapists, administrators and associates whose focus every day is to help youth BE BETTER in life--has added a value to my daily routine that I didn't know I was missing… It is refreshing and exactly what I was searching for. - Alpine Academy Employee
A Day in the Life

Being part of a family is a necessary part of growing up. So, the teenagers on our campuses live in homes with consistent adults (YOU!) to support them in day to day activities. Some of these supportive adults live in the home, and some of them come in for shifts but the culture within the home is meant to feel like a family.

As a Professional Parent, you will…
  • Live in a large home with 10 teenage students attending a therapeutic boarding school in Erda, Utah.
  • Work in a lifestyle role as a temporary Professional Parent to 10 students and engage with their families to provide support throughout their therapeutic experience.
  • Work with a comprehensive treatment team to meet the treatment goals for each student's individual programming.
  • Wake up kids and start the day off right with breakfast and fun!
  • Integrate treatment from their treatment plan all throughout the day. Is this child struggling to accept decisions? You’ll praise them for accepting no, or disagreeing in an appropriate way. Is this child struggling to build healthy relationships? You’ll practice where to sit at lunch and role-play what to do when they want to talk to a peer but don’t know how.
  • Plan and prepare meals, administer medications, manage chores and household tasks.
  • Maintain a home environment and supervise support staff as they work along side you to accomplish the busy task of raising 10 teenagers.
  • Manage the home finances making sure groceries and family activities fit within the allotted budget (all home expenses are paid for by the company).
  • Walk kids to and from school, take them to doctor’s appointments, attend meetings to help them accomplish their goals.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the treatment team to provide professional perspective and input.
  • Talk with youth that trust you as they open up and share more about themselves and work alongside you to grow and develop a healthier lifestyle.
  • Teach students practical skills that will help them build resilience and make lasting change.
  • Plan and host family activities and adventures to build memories and strengthen relationships.
  • Attend trainings and team meetings to aid in your professional development.
  • Ensure student's well-being physically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Seek feedback and professional development from a Supervisor that is certified in the Teaching-Family Model.
  • Take on assignments and duties that will develop your personal and professional abilities and strengths.
Who are the Youth?

The students we serve are ages 12-18 and have generally been referred by their parents. They experience a range of behavioral, emotional, and mental health challenges from eating disorders to Oppositional Defiance Disorder. In general, youth have experienced multiple types of treatment or help in the past, but have been referred to Alpine Academy due to a need for increased level of care or as a step down from a higher level. Youth range in their motivation level, but in general, thrive and allow their individual personalities and talents to show as they are given opportunities to develop self-worth, relationships with positive adults, leadership development, self-determination, and to explore their identity and interests in a safe, fun, and supportive setting.

Get to Know Us

We have two beautiful rural campuses that sit at the base of the mountain in the Tooele Valley. It is a 40 minute drive west of Salt Lake City along the gorgeous scenic route of I-80 along the shore of the Great Salt Lake. Among other amenities, each campus has several family-style homes in which the youth reside, a school, therapeutic center, and recreation facility.

We use an evidence-based model called the Teaching Family Model to provide treatment to youth who are away from their homes and families for various reasons. Research reports the best place for children and youth to learn is in the home environment in a family setting with adults they trust. Alpine Academy focuses on providing a comprehensive treatment environment where students can thrive and treatment providers are empowered to help them accomplish their goals. Treatment teams include Associate Family Teachers, Family Teachers, Therapists, Academic Teachers, Behavioral Specialists, Nutritionists, Healthcare Providers, and more.

Things to Note

The State of Utah requires this position is fulfilled by a legally married couple. Both individuals are fully employed with benefits and salaries. Additional Utah State licensing restrictions apply.

Starting salary is $40,000 per person plus generous benefits:

  • Housing, company vehicle, and most living expenses are included
  • Monthly and yearly bonuses are available
  • Paid training and an opportunity to become a certified practitioner in the Teaching Family Model, a globally accredited model for behavioral treatment
  • Competitive pay and opportunities for frequent increases
  • Benefits for full time employees include mental, dental, and vision coverage as well as a generous 401K plan, education reimbursement, and paid time off

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